In one form or another Ted Sugges has been a writer ever since Fifth Grade when he wrote about a thousand pound Eleventh Century English peasant who rolled down a hill and broke through the walls of a city in the Holy Land and won the day for the Crusaders. Since then, his stories and writing projects have become much more realistic and diversified. He's written plays, scripts for variety shows and Reader's Theater, and curricula for American History, Public Speaking, Theater Arts, Oral and Written Communication, English Composition (that are still utilized in the schools where he taught), as well as Human Potential Seminars. His professional acting credits include several films, and leading and supporting roles in off Broadway productions. He believes his theatrical experience helps his efforts in writing believable characters in his fiction and non-fiction stories. Presently, he is writing a story based on the little we know about the early life of Christ in the New Testament through the eyes of Angelus Custos, the archangel assigned to be Jesus' guardian angel.